The industry leader in solid dies for over 40 years, Midway Rotary has launched a new web site ( to better serve both new and existing customers. Use intuitive and interactive new features to identify the solutions that best fit your needs. Detailed product and service specifications enable you to identify the solution that best fits your specific need; details on our capabilities help identify new ways we can better serve you; expert insights from frontline designers and engineers help you to improve your own process!

A local private equity firm has acquired a die manufacturer based near Lansing. Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners said it acquired Williamston-based Midway Rotary Die Solutions. Auxo also owns three other die manufacturers, including Bernal Rotary Dies, Atlas Die and Atlas Chem-Milling.

Auxo Investment Partners has acquired Midway Rotary Die Solutions, adding deeper capabilities to the private equity firm's die manufacturing platform. Midway designs, manufactures and sharpens dies for customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, food processing, tag and label, specialty and photo-cutting industries. The company also offers multi-stage heat treatment processes, cryogenic treatment, carton prototyping and technical support to for crush-cut dies.

Atlas Flex is proud to be partnering with NorthStar Nameplate by donating a few Eagle Dies that are being used to produce components for Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) being manufactured by A-dec for health-care workers fighting COVID-19. The plastic shields for powered air-purifying respirator helmets are worn by ICU workers treating patients with the coronavirus. Each Eagle Die is final coated with our proprietary PTFE coating to prevent sticking by adhesives

Michigan-based private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners has expanded out its die manufacturing portfolio by picking up Midway Rotary Die Solutions. The company already has a trio of die manufacturing businesses under its ownership. Midway designs, manufactures and sharpens dies for customers in the automotive, packaging, medical, food processing, tag-and-label, specialty and photo-cutting industries. Auxo managing partner Jack Kolodny said, “We are excited to grow our platform with Midway’s strong legacy and highly skilled, dedicated workforce."

Private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners has purchased Midway Rotary Die Solutions for undisclosed amount. Auxo said the acquisition is a part of its plan to add capabilities to die manufacturing platform – Bernal Rotary Dies, Atlas Die, and Atlas Chem-Milling ... Auxo said that the acquisition allows Midway Rotary Die Solutions to continue to grow, serve a wider array of customers and offer new capabilities in wide format RP rotary dies and flexible rotary dies.