Atlas Flex is proud to be partnering with NorthStar Nameplate by donating a few Eagle Dies that are being used to produce components for Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) being manufactured by A-dec for health-care workers fighting COVID-19. The plastic shields for powered air-purifying respirator helmets are worn by ICU workers treating patients with the coronavirus. Each Eagle Die is final coated with our proprietary PTFE coating to prevent sticking by adhesives

The COVID-19 pandemic that dismantled daily routines and hammered the economy has forced investors to pivot along with the companies they back financially. As firms work through the pandemic and guide their portfolio companies, constant communication has taken on greater importance, particularly at a time when people are working with heightened anxiety about their safety and uncertainty about the future, said Jack Kolodny, a managing partner at Auxo. Auxo holds regular meetings with portfolio companies, which allows them to share information and best practices for employee safety, cleaning facilities, and ensuring “the messages are getting down to the operators so that everybody understands what’s going on with the company, with the world, and with the policies,” said Chris Merendino, a Vice President at Auxo.